Top IRS Official Will Invoke 5th Amendment

iossarian5/22/2013 11:25:32 am PDT

re: #54 Whynothonesty?

Wait a second, what the IRS did was profiling? Lets get the facts straight. What they did was target conservative groups- this is profiling? No it’s intimidation from a very powerful entity, the IRS. Are you discounting the use of the IRS in political intimidation, that this was never done? This situation passes the smell test. I was responding to the comment about profiling Muslims.

Lol. “Profiling applied to target conservative groups = bad. Profiling applied to Muslims = good.”

Why is it “intimidation” to send questionnaires to Tea Party charities (and liberal charities as well, it’s worth noting) but not to pull Muslims out of airport security checks for further questions?