Ted Cruz Is a Fan of the Stupidest Man on the Internet, Because of Course He Is

allegro11/30/2015 11:31:58 am PST

I’m in the midst of an ethical dilemma. Made a run to the pet store about 8 miles away and stopped at the Wendy’s next door to there for a burger to nosh on the way to my next errands. Bill was $4.54, I gave her $20.54. She handed me 3 bills, 5 on top. I stuffed the bills in my purse without looking and drove off. When I got to the grocery check-out, I saw a couple of $20s I didn’t remember having. Realized that the young woman at Wendy’s gave me not 3 $5 bills but one $5 and 2 $20s. Had I just looked at the change she gave me I certainly would have made the correction then and there.

I do not want to see her stuck for the $30 discrepancy or worse, lose her job for the mistake. I also don’t want to make the 16 mile round trip (a lot since I still feel crappy from the flu, I have a sinus headache from hell and only went out because I HAD to) and possibly get her busted by walking in there, probably having to talk to a manager and point her out. I don’t see any way to quietly correct the error at this point short of going thru the window, ordering food I don’t want and hoping that same woman is still there.

What to do? I feel like a heel.