Memories Pizza in Walkterton, IN Has a New Website (Kinda NSFW)

thecommodore4/02/2015 2:57:33 am PDT

A couple of hours after I posted this, I saw what was posted on Yelp and I felt bad. I mocked their ignorance, but the family that owns this shop was bombarded with hate of a different stripe, but it is hate all the same. They did bring it on themselves, but this was over the top and just too much, and I regret whatever part - however small - I played in it.

Still, my gut tells me that if a gay couple - particularly a gay MALE couple - entered the premises, hand in hand, and placed an order, the family that owns this shop would attempt to deny them service, citing this law.

And that’s why there are still many places in America today where a gay couple - especially a gay MALE couple - won’t dare do anything like that in most areas of most red states.

Because if they did, they might not live to tell about it.