Taser or Shoot First, Then Ask Questions Later?

Samuel Vargo9/23/2017 10:54:40 am PDT

re: #5 Unshaken Defiance

No, this is an enterprise story for which I collected notes from telephone interviews. I called all the sources in the story, as is written in the attribution at the end or in the middle of these quotations.

Most cited in the story are friends of mine who I’ve had appear in stories that I have written for Daily Kos and and although I do not want to get into the reasons why here on a comment thread, I am no longer freelancing for either of these publications anymore. They are both, by the way, direct competitors of LGF. Although I didn’t know the spokesman for the Rapid City Police Department, nor did I know Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thorn, before I called them at the law enforcement precincts where they work, all communication with them was done via the telephone, too.

This story was accepted by another online mag, but after it didn’t go up for a while and after I discovered this mag was posting quicklinked articles from a notorious Russian-based producer of fake news, I did a bit more work on this article and posted it here.

The only thing not original (my own work) here is the cover shot, which is, I guess, a royalty-free photo ripped right off a YouTube video. Canupa and his large dogs often stop by my place and visit me. He’s become a very good friend of mine. I often talk to him, along with James Magaska Swan, Angry Little Bear, Stan Starcomesout, and Jimmy (James Giago Davies). I don’t live on Pine Ridge or in South Dakota but through the Internet and the telephone, I can get there lickity split.

I know whenever a writer cites a source, that writer must credit that source. I always embed my sources into the story type and these links are shaded a different color from the black font of the story. Nothing is embedded here because all detail, statistics, facts, and background matter have been told to me by the article’s sundry sources.

Thank you for your concern, but this information was all collected by me through a week and a half of telephone interviews, then I took a few days to write the story.

I’ve been a reporter since I graduated from college in the early 80’s and for more than 20 years, I had regular, full-time jobs at numerous daily newspapers and business journals as either a reporter or an editor. During that time, or for about a decade, anyhow, I was an adjunct English professor at two state universities, a state college, a private college, and a private/for profit institution in Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi. For the past 3-2/2 to 4 years, I have been a freelance journalist, writing for a few online magazines.

Here’s my story stream for -

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If you have any more concerns, I would gladly forward you my professional vitae, but I am not going to make such a thing public on a comment thread.