Overnight Open Thread

Golem Akbar2/04/2009 7:20:31 am PST

re: #608 WriterMom

I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of Martin Indy’s lousy, crap-filled, dhimmi, Kapo mouth. Seriously-these lefty Jews who get appointed as ambassadors to Israel really f&ck Israel up royally.

However, that Lieberman is denying it is not a good thing. I would be extremely surprised if he agreed to that.

Maybe yes, maybe no. A lot of stuff (crap, sh#t) was done in the Clinton era. Today is different. Few Israelis believe that Land-For-Peace is a good idea, anymore. Several intifadas, 9/11, and Gaza have changed a lot of minds.

That Kadima still believes they can negotiate with the Pals is going to lead to their defeat in the upcoming elections (thank G-d).