Overnight Open Thread

Honorary Yooper2/04/2009 7:28:03 am PST

re: #676 Kenneth

VDH did not say this meltdown is happening now, but that if Obama continues in this mode it will happen. I agree with VDH on that, if Obama does not change from capaign style rhetoric to governing mode, he will screw up. For example, his “unclench your fist” line would play well at a Berkeley fundraiser, but it was laughable in Tehran.

I have a feeling that Obama will have a major meltdown before the year is out. He has done nothing but campaign his entire career in politics. He’s never settled down and governed. Even as a US Senator, he started campaigning for the presidency within six months of winning the election. Now, he can’t campaign anymore. He has to govern; something that’s very foreign to him. It is to be seen if the man can actually govern anything.