Sessions: Assad Would Have Feared Bush

ibob9/06/2013 7:15:49 pm PDT

This man is an embarrassment to Alabama and all its people. I follow his voting record very closely, and he has voted against every single bill involving women’s issues( and any other issue dealing with common human decency). Whenever I see a WTF statement from a senator in a headline, I can count on it being from him most of the time. Sometimes, it hard to believe anyone can be this dense.

Also, majii is quite correct about Sessions’s opposition to anything concerning Obama being due to his color. Although, this will also apply to anyone who is not a straight, white, evangelical Christian male. The rest of us don’t even rate the time of day from him. I know his type very well from my experience living in Alabama almost all my life. Oh, and education does not improve this viewpoint much, except to help them hide it a little better.