We Take a Short Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole

I Would Prefer Not To7/09/2018 4:16:20 pm PDT

A small piece of good news in my family. My daughter who graduated in May started a six month (paid) internship in DC. She’s at the Alliance for Healthcare Policy.

The Alliance for Health Policy is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping policymakers and the public better understand health policy, the root of the nation’s health care issues, and the trade-offs posed by various proposals for change. We believe a better health care system begins with a balanced exchange of evidence, experience, and multiple perspectives. Regardless of their demographic, our audience recognizes the Alliance’s reputation as a well-respected source for unbiased health policy information.

Their office is two blocks from the White House. I asked her flip off trump on the way to work, but she can’t because she’s “nonpartisan”