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While almost no one will disagree with the assertion that the US entering WWII turned the tide against Germany, the reality on the ground is that the USSR defeated Germany in conjunction with everyone else doing their part.

And yes, we could have defeated Japan all by ourselves. But all too often Americans don’t learn the real lesson of the Pacific war.

Bluntly this: Japan was our ally in WWI. It only attacked us in WWII because Japan’s government fell into the hands of military nationalists several years before Pearl Harbor.

Hmmm… military nationalists ruining countries… I wonder how many Americans learned that lesson from WWII?

My Chevrolet 3100 is a 1942 model, so I have researched that model year and the halt to production of civilian vehicles. The order came down and new cars disappeared so suddenly that it appeared to be almost instantaneous. In fact, the government bought up the unsold manufacturer inventories as well as vehicles that had already started down the production lines. Where possible, the production line vehicles were completed to GI standards. This is why World War II staff cars are almost all 1942 models, and include luxury makes like Packard and Cadillac.