Texas Gun Rights Groups Issue Statement on Open Carry, Clarify Stance on Long Gun Carry

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)5/22/2014 3:47:17 pm PDT

re: #4 Rightwingconspirator

Well that would be me. How much attention do I really get even with the generously given ability to Page here at LGF? Not that much.

How does a guy like me get that much attention without a publicity stunt? I hate those things BTW, just making a point about the public attention span.

I honestly don’t know. However, the more gun owners like you that don’t feel the need to brandish their guns to make their point I do feel would see more publicity especially one were to use social media. . And yeah I know you’re making a point about public attention span which is a shame but really I think the whole brandishing of guns does more to turn people off than it does on.