The Caracal Battalion, Israel's co-ed combat unit, wins praise after battle with militants

Destro9/26/2012 8:07:09 pm PDT

re: #7 William Barnett-Lewis

As a former infantry NCO, I can see that you obviously don’t know squat about it.

Even with lighter weight weapons, do you have a clue how much the full kit weighs? You have to want to be an Infantry soldier and you have to be in high physical condition to do it. There are many women who can be good Infantry - this BN proves it once again - but there is a difference between being a guerrilla and being leg Infantry.

There has never been a case where underage soldiers have made good Infantry. If they are not physically mature they will not survive in anything other than a guerrilla campaign and even then they will not be as effective or have the life expectancy of adult combatants.

I’d suggest you do some real studies but I doubt you’ll pay attention to anything but the propaganda you usually bow down to.

The USA with its heavy full kit has yet to win a war since WW2 against light armed and light kitted guerrillas.