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William Lewis4/18/2019 11:43:04 am PDT

re: #68 ObserverArt

I have been using Windows for a long time. I think the last blue screen of death I had was on a Windows 98 system that had issues because of non-Y2k drivers in a SCSI card.

In other words…what are you doing to get it?

I have an external drive connecting by USB that was formatted as ext4 for my previous Ubuntu system. I intended to reformat it as NTFS to use as a backup device for installer files and the like. Using Storage Manager I deleted the partition and told it to recreate a partition and format it. Start of format, Boom! BSOD in cache manager. Now simply trying to plug the drive in to a USB port does the same thing. Have not had a chance to troubleshoot beyond that so far.