Wonkette - Rush Limbaugh Diagnoses Robin Williams: 'Political Leftist' Values Made Him Kill Himself

CriticalDragon11778/13/2014 1:26:05 pm PDT

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You know I’m going to go further than I did with my previous comment. I’d be willing to bet that fifty years from now, more people will know who Robin Williams was, than will know who Rush was. Many of the movies Robin Williams stared in are classics, such as Toys, Patch Adams. I can imagine that many people will still watch those movies half a century from now. By than practically no one will be listening to Rush Limbaugh’s stupid radio show. The guy is dreaming when he says he’s going to have his own wing at the museum of broadcasting. In fact if someone in the 2060’s America listens to one of Rush’s old shows, they may well be horrified, even if they’re someone who would pass for a typical conservative at that time. On the other hand many of those movies will still be enjoyable and Williams may still be making people laugh, since much of his humor is timeless.