People Magazine Writer Comes Forward to Describe Sexual Assault by Donald Trump

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Jeb! campaign person rates the Trump info drop.

@ltthompso: Ok. Trump is horrible. But I want to talk a little bit about the oppo dump that’s happening in real time. This is world class work folks. 1/

@ltthompso: This is a brilliantly coordinated drop, with staggered embargoes. First, notice the mix of local outlets and national outlets. 2/

@ltthompso: There’s a great mix of print and broadcast as well. Start with the NYT to get eyeballs on the web and TV. CNN picks it up immediately 3/

@ltthompso: Ok. Now you’ve got a story rolling. Within an hour, you start to get multiple waves coming out of local outlets. These get picked up. 4/

@ltthompso: Within ninety minutes you’ve got reporters reporting on existing reporting. The cycle is locked in. Nobody’s assessing the stories. 5/

@ltthompso: And here’s the kicker: the victims live in FL, OH, even UT. THEY’RE ALL SWING STATES! It’s masterful to be honest. Take a bow. /fin

@_Drew_McCoy_: My favorite part is the way they gave Rs a few days to stew, a few shuffle back to Trump and then BOOOOM! Now what do you do?

@ltthompso: @_Drew_McCoy_ Exactly. It’s impressive execution. Like watching Bumgarner beat my Royals in the 2014 World Series.

@ltthompso: Now I’m really curious how they’ll drop the racial material on him to do maximum damage. Because this was basically Swan Lake.

Quoted again because I could read this all night long, and to add a happy thought.

If this was the Clinton campaign plan, then Hillary knew about this at Sunday’s debate.