Samantha Bee: Iran-Contra Is Back! Elliott Abrams' Bitchin' Plan for Venezuela [VIDEO]

A hollow voice says, Impeachmoot now!2/07/2019 3:41:16 pm PST

re: #92 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance

I am no angel, I have told many jokes and know many jokes that are offensive. I don’t share them anymore because I know better, for one, and two they are just plain wrong (even if I do occasionally chuckle at them). I’m not PC, I have a sick sense of humor, but I’d never tell a joke like that. It’s not even something to joke about.

I have heard the ashtray joke before somewhere… I think when I was in my teens, but I don’t remember any details. I am certain that it was told, not as a joke, but as an “eww, gross” example. By someone in my then age group. Definitely the “appeal” was in how sick it was and no-one thought for a moment that it was funny.