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Joe Bacon 🌹12/01/2019 7:46:16 pm PST

re: #91 The Pie Overlord!

Z & I have coffeed our way from Detroit to NY & back and to Alabama & back.

Starbucks is overrated. You can get better coffee at:
1. Wawa (BEST coffee in the U.S.)
2. Tim Horton’s (2nd best coffee in the U.S. & the BEST in Canada)
3. Dunkin Donuts
4. A random gas station off the 80 in central PA
5. Every other coffee chain except Starbucks
6. Keurig pods at the Holiday Inn Express
7. Dirt mixed with water
8. Dirt mixed with sewage
9. Raw sewage
10. Starbucks

Open a can of Chock Full O’Nuts and use a Chemex brewer!