Pamela Geller Calls for ‘Auxiliary Law Enforcement’ Against Muslims

Today, Pamela “Shrieking Harpy” Geller is advocating vigilante justice for those evil stealth jihadi Muslims in New Jersey.

The hypocrisy loooms [sic] large. Here’s a letter I thought I should share with you. I expect the gutless congressman who witnessed his Muslim constituents dancing on 9/11/01 will do nothing but hide beneath his desk. If this continues — auxiliary law enforcement will be necessary.

“Auxiliary law enforcement.” Is that what her friends in the English Defence League do?

Geller posts a letter from a woman who says she’s old, disabled, and being horribly harassed and threatened by Muslim stealth jihadis in Paterson, New Jersey.

Dear Congressman Pascrell:

Greetings and best wishes for your, and our, continued success in the upcoming election. I know you are busy because of election time, so I will keep this letter brief and to the point. I plan to share this letter with Pamela Geller, a prominent American Civil Rights activist, so I will repeat information already known to you, Congressman Pascrell, in order to make the letter fully comprehensible to Ms. Geller.

We’ll pause here for a moment to savor the sheer Orwellian madness of calling this neo-Nazi sympathizing illiterate bigot a “civil rights activist.”

The writer of the letter goes on to complain that she’s being insulted and mocked by Muslims, and claims that one of them actually ran into her with an SUV, as a police officer watched. WTF?

I am moved to write today because a man seated at one of the many sidewalk chairs on Main Street impeded my ability to walk down the street, and called out, “Look out! Look out! Here comes Jesus Christ!” as I approached on the sidewalk. This man, about sixty, speaking with a heavy Turkish accent, with face stubble, began to repeatedly make body motions with his hands across his face and chest in a mockery of the act of a Christian blessing oneself. This occurred today, Sunday, October 17, 2010, at approximately four p.m., as I walked from my apartment to Corrado’s.

This is a constant occurrence on this Muslim-dominated stretch of road. In the past, I have been mocked by other religious names. Once a much younger man, in a group of men speaking Arabic, stopped me, and mocked me as “Moses,” as his friends surrounded me. On another occasion, witnessed by a police officer, a Muslim man hit me with his SUV, knocking me to the ground. The police officer took and filed a full report.

As you know, I am an older woman, and physically handicapped. I need a cane to walk. These Muslim men target an older, physically handicapped, isolated American woman for their abuse.

After demanding that Congressman Pascrell do something about her persecution by these stealth creeping sharia jihadis, she signs the letter — and Geller redacts her full name.

For a reason that we’re about to discover.


After the letter, Geller entreats her bigoted followers to send hate mail to Congressman Pascrell, of course. That’s her modus operandi: get the loons riled up and sic them on someone.

But let’s take a closer look at the author of this letter, shall we?

It didn’t take long for LGF operative Gus 802 to find out who this really is. Her full name is Danusha Goska, and she’s a first-class kook.

Here’s a letter she wrote to Paterson mayor Jose Torres in 2008 and published at white nationalist hate site VDARE, ranting about “Hispanic noise pollution.” The post at VDARE notes that this isn’t the first time she’s published something there.

And here’s a bizarre article she wrote to express her love for an antisemitic Nazi propaganda film titled “Jud Süss.”

Youtube Video

And here’s a photo of Goska taken in 2004, looking not at all elderly or frail:

Once again, Pamela Geller has been taken in by a raving racist nutjob. But this time she’s calling for vigilante “auxiliary law enforcement,” which takes it one step further for the shrieking harpy. Eventually, she’s going to get someone hurt or killed with her hate speech and incitement.

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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