Southern Poverty Law Center: Donors Pumped Millions Into White Nationalist Group

The conservative donor class going all in on white supremacy
2427-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
6/18/21 4:37:37 pm
re: #228 Jack Burton, Gunner on Death Star of David My brother-in-law was behind the video cameras during that movie shoot. And above them, and under them, and on either side of them.

The SPLC’s new report shines a light on the multi-million dollar funding mechanism for hate website VDARE. More: Donors Pumped Millions into White Nationalist Group | Southern Poverty Law Center

Brett Kavanaugh’s College Drinking Buddy Cleaning Up on “Ex-Gay” Crowdfunding Site

11/04/18 6:07:14 pm
Not for much nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies, so thanks for the heads up philip! — Rihanna (@rihanna) November 5, 2018
Jim Hoft (r), owner of the far right White House-accredited fake news blog Gateway Pundit

When Haters Fight: Chuck C. Johnson and Pax Dickinson Break Up, Wesearchr Scam Site Goes Dark

It’s always fun when very creepy people have a big fight and try to destroy each other
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5/16/17 9:23:56 pm
re: #148 Targetpractice Seriously, what happened to make you stray from Flying Spaghetti Monster, you damned heathens? Repent!

Stupidest Man on the Internet Quietly Deletes Lucian Wintrich #PizzaGate Screed

Yes, wingnuts are still ranting about “PizzaGate,” but apparently it’s not cool any more
3/26/17 9:46:07 pm
re: #266 teleskiguy I don't know about Oklahoma, but Dallas, Texas was hit late this afternoon by golf ball sized hail. Might suggest a different remedy than 'get in a ditch'.

White House Press Room Cage Match! Fox News vs. the Second Stupidest Man on the Internet!

Oh the humanity
3/11/17 11:29:23 am
re: #409 William Lewis One would think that if Christian antisemitism played a role here, the interpretation would exclude specifically Christian antisemites rather than all non-Jews. Rambam, for one, lived all his life in the Muslim lands and had good ...

White House Correspondent Gateway Pundit’s Co-Blogger Found Guilty of Multiple Firearms Crimes

These are the people who are being accredited by the Trump gang
349Jebediah, RBG
2/11/17 12:57:31 pm
re: #200 HappyWarrior As it should! Free and appropriate education for all kids is something we as a country REALLY need to stick to.