Fox News Commenters Spew Another Deluge of Racist Hatred at Trayvon Martin and President Obama

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President Obama made a statement today on the killing of Trayvon Martin:

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” Obama said in Rose Garden remarks. “I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. And that everybody pull together.” …

“My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said.

And once again, the racism and hatred is just pouring out of the Fox News audience, in the comments for their article about Obama’s remarks:

Perhaps Obama, Sharpton and Louis Eugene Wolcott (aka Louis Farrakhan) can hold a “Malt Liquour Summit.” Also, have you noticed the femininity of both Farrakhan and Rev. Wright? A natural attraction for B.O.


Trayvon = Like most Bl acks he’s illegitimate. Where’s his father?


A new low for obama.CNN ,its blaque anchor and blaque guest,has airtime to denounce this event.the killing is a tragedy,and our blaque president does not need to highlight it..enjoy your time in the spotlite all you minorities…I do not think america will ever elect a blaque,mexican,or any other ,,,thanx to this president,,,he has shown the world, favoritism to his race,,which was not supposed to exist..


Yes, his panic on Ne gro crime is an epidemic…sorry this did not fit the template you were soooo hoping for.


Obamanure should start wearing a hoodie so as to more closely identify with his kind.


Did the white side of him just use a racist joke saying all b l a c k s look alike?


I know one thing, if a n i g g e r is in my fenced in area he would meet my 12 gauge. N i g g e r s throughout history have been nothing but trouble everywhere they go!


Obowma is the most judgemental, racist POS on the face of the earth, BAR NONE.


You’re right, Barak, he DOES look Kenyan…..


moochelle is probably wondering where barry was 18 years ago…. gotta go check his calendar… im betting he was too busy on the down low to care about women


Obama is helping a b l a c k mob l y n c h an innocent H i s p a n i c for votes.


All I can say is that God Zimmerman (the alleged shooter) isn’t a white guy! Now I can walk around and not worry about the hommies beatin on my white-azz over this. Well, at least not over this issue. This whitey is off the hook on this one.


Breaking News! Last week, when Joe Biden heard that the lead Monkee had died, he ran down the hall of the White House yelling,”I’m the President!, I’m the President!” We can only imagine his disappointment …


The real question is, if B.O. Sr. is B.O. Jr’s daddy, why does Junior look like Frank Marshall Davis?


If he was a B l a c k teacher we would lower our flags at half mast—-why? because b l a c k s are semi-retarded—-so we feel sympathy for them.


Hey Obama, the French Muzzle-em terrorist could be Darryl, your twin brother.


Shizzle-Nizzle is such a BUFFOON! First, he orders the Holder’s corrupt Feds into a LOCAL law enforcement matter—now….



Hello!No, Trayvon does not have African chimpanzee ears so 0bama’s son would not look like Trayvon.


if they still lived in Africa, they would be living in huts and caves and eating one another.


Why? … cause Obama would have bought his son a hoody and baggy pants and let him roam the streets all hours of the night?


Any Obama offspring should be slaughtered including his two wh0re c, u n t daughters. Americans have payed a great price to beat back the communist and Americans will make sure it was not for nothing.

I had to stop at that last one, because I was starting to get physically ill at the thought that I’m sharing a country with these people. This is the right wing base; there is a huge number of comments in this vein, and many of them have numerous “likes” from other readers.

And by the way, one of the racist freaks quoted above, who has posted thousands of comments at Fox News, is using this picture as his avatar:


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