Kultured Kowboy Klukkers

I love me some Nazi cowboy shit because I’m not a liberal
Wingnuts • Views: 18,994

Facebook erupted today when a seller posted some allegedly prison-made spur straps sporting a Nazi symbol in that tiny corner of Facebook where Real America Good Country Folk™ are free to be as racist, illiterate, and righteous as ever. Of course it was in ALL CAPS.

Kultured Klukker Straps

It didn’t take long at all for certain forum members to find pimping Nazi spur straps offensive, well, because they are. There were a number of people who found it revolting, and rightly so.

But no swastika conversation would be complete without people with only enough art history knowledge to be 99% stupid, to claim the symbol pre-dates its use by Nazis, so it should be acceptable. Maybe. Kinda sorta.

I smell just a little bit of Christian persecution, and the wrong use of “excepted.” But that’s how Real America™ spells, so you need to roll with it.

After all, if your good cowboy buddies have the same symbol, what could be the harm? After all, they’re “bad ass.”

By the way, I have been around a lot of rodeos. Don’t think for one minute racist babyklukkers don’t wear cowboy hats. Hell, they’re half the Freeper base.

Did someone say Godwin? That didn’t take long.

Because down is up, and up is down, these inmate-made spurs could only have come from a liberal (Clinton) jail, not a real patriot’s jail like Sheriff Joe.

And let’s not forget, all those liberals hypersensitive to the good ole red-blooded Confederate shit. I mean, it was only slavery, for fuck’s sake, and we have a Kenyan Communist Muslim in the White House, so it isn’t like “they” didn’t recover. Let’s fix America and let the free market sort out swastika spur straps. //

Just to piss off those Obama-loving liberals, Jew sympathizers, and anyone not a red-blooded ‘murican, another patriot cowpoke that had defended the original post went ahead and posted his horn knot. Because it’s so damned funny, that’s why. And he already had one, of course. Of course. Don’t all cowboys have these?

After being a hot spot for hours, eventually the original spur straps post disappeared, and the admin stepped in. Naturally, the admin wouldn’t want to promote hate symbols under the guise of marketing. Oh, wait. That isn’t what happened. No, instead the people critical of swastikas got a stern warning, and the original poster got an invitation to repost.

…I am extremely tired of your whining and offensive posts about the spur straps. You don’t have to buy them, you don’t have to bid on them and you do not need to comment on them, if you don’t like them. Not everyone is going to like everything, that’s a given. But I will not tolerate that crap that just went down… Post comments like that again and you will be removed. PERIOD.

Of course, the added flourish of wingnut punctuation, with the inevitable plural apostrophe for lower case, brand name, cheerio’s. If only Comic Sans was available on Facebook.

Well I told him he was welcome to post them again if he wanted to. Wrong day to piss in my cheerio’s

And guess what? They’re posted again, in all their klukker glory. Free pass, and nobody’s supposed to say a word.

People, meet the American Cowboy.

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Last updated: 2014-03-07 2:19 pm PST

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 Frank says:

May your shit come to life and kiss you on the face. -- to Mrs. Gore about parental advisory labels on album covers