Jim Hoft Posts Pictures of Three Looted Stores in Missouri, Commenters Spew Torrents of Overt Racism

Still more insanely vile right wing hate speech
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All over the right wing blogosphere today, comment sections are packed with the ugliest kind of racist hate speech, reacting to the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri — and the website of the Dumbest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, is among the worst.

Today one of Hoft’s followers sent him photos of three looted stores, and Hoft posted them with one of his typical wildly exaggerated headlines: TGP EXCLUSIVE: Photos & VIDEO of Ferguson, MO Mass Destruction | the Gateway Pundit.

MASS DESTRUCTION! Well, not really. Three stores. That’s not good, but it’s a long way from being “mass destruction.”

Here are the words Jim Hoft managed to emit to describe these images, in his usual weird, overheated semi-literate fashion.



Spread to Neighboring Dellwood - Businesses Torched and Looted

Last night several businesses in Ferguson, Dellwood and North County were looted and torched following the death of 18 year-old Michael Brown.

A QuickTrip was burnt to the ground last night after it was looted in Ferguson.

On Monday Morning Adam Sharp drove up to Ferguson to document the aftermath of last night’s looting and rioting.

The Boost Mobile store that was looted:

The QuickTrip was completely destroyed:

Adam interviewed on angry resident who said, “This isn’t justice OR peace!”

Angry #Ferguson Resident: “This Isn’t Justice OR Peace!” from Sharp Elbows on Vimeo.

This note was left on the QuickTrip store:

The Taco Bell lost several windows…

Adam interviewed the owner of Boost Mobile that was looted last night.

Two of his stores were looted. There was gunfire in the area.

And as he undoubtedly expected and intended, Hoft’s knuckle-dragging commenters responded to his barely readable diatribe with torrents of racism. Again, I’m concealing these ugly comments by default because they’re incredibly disturbing, like so many of the comments being posted at right wing sites today about this incident.

Chimping Out with the Ferguson, MO Pavement Apes!


You can take them out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them.
Any excuse to cause violence, steal, and destroy.


If you want a TV…Free Food…or a Blender. Wait for a Pavement Ape to mess with the cops and then the looting begins.


Ah yes indeed The American Street Negro, never letting a ” crisis go to waste” and in this case as always is the case a non-crisis.


Pavement Apes…


Porch monkeys


If Obama has sons he would want them to be just like the animals that rioted here


The black people seem angry. Which is unusual as they are normally so peaceful and gentle.


Like Muslim males,


Don’t forget looting the weave store.


Let me sum up exactly what happened in this incident: a thug was shot for acting like a thug, which resulted in thousands of other thugs acting like the thugs they are. These savages deserve no sympathy from anyone.


Has to be the groids.


Again the zoo forgot to lock up the animals.


Just like muslims!


When are the pop-po going to start shooting to kill to stop these urban ANIMALS from the usual MO of looting any darn thing they want without any consequences


This is a good reason for all citizens and businesses to be armed. They could have rid the world of a few worthless slugs and reduced the welfare rolls at the same time.


Blacks love these stores.
They gotta gets they’s, noam sayin.


They act like Muslims do, both races can not act civilized.


Well praise da lord they didn’t touch KFC.


There are reasons why sub-Saharan Africa has never contributed anything to elevating the human condition.


Blacks use any excuse to riot and pilage. They certainly don’t seem capable of living in civilized society.


was obama involved in this riot?


Miraculously Church’s was spared


Uncivilized, uneducated animals raised by the same if raised at all.


You can take the knee grow out of Africa, but you cant ……………….


more like a ‘n i g g a moment’. See Boondocks on youtube or Cartoon Network adult swim. There are 3 episodes concerning ‘n i g g a moments’. This was one of them!


Look at the hatred spewed forth in the destruction of others’ property. Blacks destroy and whites rebuild. Why bother? Let blacks rebuild their neighborhoods for themselves. Why anyone would place a business in their neighborhoods is beyond me. And still they wonder why, as soon as any other ethnic group or race develops a little bit of wealth, whether white, brown, yellow or red, they move away from the black areas of the community to allow them to rot in their self-induced decay. Animals, animals, animals. If I was an office, the only way I’d go in that zoo is if I was loaded for black bear….These idiots walked up and started hitting the police officer? Are you kidding me?… And their elders in the community think this behavior is acceptable?…At some point you have to defend yourself and let God sort the deceased ones out.


Stupid F#cking monkeys will just use they incum tax sheck to rebuild theys nayborhood, yo….Theys too stoopid to reelize they destroyin’ each others stuff….


Not a trace of Rosco’s Watermelons remains…….


So the niggers response to racial inequality is to loot and burn its own community? Makes perfect sense to me, homeboy.


I thought that the darkies only liked watermelon, and fried chicken

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