A Soulful Live Jam From Lake Street Dive: “Baby Don’t Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts” [VIDEO]

464Jay C
1 week, 3 days ago
re: #458 ObserverArt I tend to disagree- I doubt whether (presumably/possibly soon-to-be-“ex”-) Sec’y Neilsen has enough inbred empathy to even care about the hate directed her way. If she did, I can’t imagine she would have taken Trump’s Deputy Fuhrer ...

A Gorgeous Duet: Jacob Collier w/ Portuguese Singer/Composer MARO: “Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep”

3 weeks, 2 days ago
re: #287 Man, DangerMan Apparently you are one of the millions of people that don't know that Comey admitted to Elijah Cummings that not a one of those emails was designated as classified. 2 days after his announcement of no ...

A Beautiful Solo Performance by Joey Dosik: “Competitive Streak”

Echoes of Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman
3/17/19 2:13:56 pm
re: #318 Belafon To get balance you have to have a transition period where the favored get the message by being removed. Then the new power fills in and the old power group is forced to come back under new ...