NASA Head Jim Bridenstine Says His Views on Climate Change Have Evolved, and He Now Accepts Humans Are the Cause

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re: #230 dangerman Consider yourselves lucky. A basket like that which does not contain a bag of Doritos and package of M&Ms is just fucking cruel.

Among all the other disastrous Trump appointments of people who want to destroy the agencies they head, the confirmation of Jim Bridenstine as NASA Administrator was an especially disheartening event, since during his hearing last November Bridenstine was pretty clearly a “soft” climate change denier tapped to head an agency …

WATCH LIVE: March for Science, Earth Day 2017

Showing Donald Trump a lot of people are on to him
4/22/17 6:43:24 pm
I was there today in DC. Firstly, a disclaimer of sorts: I don't generally march for anything. Despite strong political stances, I don't believe protests work; if they did, the Vietnam War would have ended 10 years earlier, among other ...

Climate Scientist Faces Off With the Virulently Anti-Science House Science Committee

Appalling contempt for science
3/30/17 3:53:42 pm
re: #263 William Lewis I kept an old Dell laptop going with parts from Ebay. An old Inspiron. Hell I bought one for parts. You tube has tear down and repair videos on an amazing range of stuff.

Experience the Vastness of the Solar System: “Riding Light”

How long does it take a photon to travel from the sun to Jupiter?
9/27/15 6:03:41 pm
re: #153 Stanley Sea Toujours The "kid" and I are going down to the beach at about 10:30 EDT (10:47 is supposed to be maximum visibility here.) Relatively clear night--hope it's good--will try to take pix but it might be ...