Not Content With Global Warming, Don “The John” Trump Shifts Us Into Nuclear Winter!

Just hear those sleigh bells ringling, ting-ting-tingling, too!

Well, fellow Little Green Footballers, he’s finally blown the cork. Off the entire world, that is. Not only wasn’t he content that America is a great country, he had to make it even greater. With nuclear winter, that is. Yep, I’m freezing. And I don’t live on or near either …

Terrorism isn't limited to immigrants from the Middle East or Latin America. Let's not forget the USA's bloodiest lone wolf vampire was a well-decorated U.S. war veteran and a Caucasian.
Earl Denny, or "Angry Little Bear", and Canupa Gluha Mani, top leaders of the Strong Heart Warrior Society, say that law enforcement in Rapid City, S.D. is unfair and unjust to Native Americans (Photo: YouTube)
YSU President Jim Tressel, also the school's most successful football coach, and YSU Head Football Coach Bo Pelini, adamantly sought a standout player convicted in 2012 of the vilest form of sexual violence.
Hasn't YSU's Head Coach Bo Pelini proven himself enough already? Why did he have to recruit a young man with a very dark past, throwing the poor kid into a national scandal?