Today on Darwin Day, Trey the Explainer Sends a Gift. He Power Owns Dr. Ben Carson! (Video)


Dr. Ben Carson, perhaps the world’s most ignorant brain surgeon, insists that evolution can’t be true, since we have “never found the missing links,” even through we have. One has to wonder if Carson is feigning ignorance or just lacks a basic understanding of paleontology and biology, and has never …

An image of a Dinosaur (Deinonychus) by talented paleo artist Emily Willoughby. Used with permission
Image via
Smithsonian's Human Origins Program
/ D. enigmata on the right, with the three larger samples on the left representing D. discoides.
The dying might have been great, but the few species that survived had the place to themselves.
The Putorana Plateau, capped basalt released in the Siberian Traps eruptions.