Tuesday Afternoon Open

Ayatollah Ghilmeini3/24/2009 12:20:54 pm PDT

I posted a love note at al GRUAD regarding their “special reporting” on the alleged war crimes by Israel in Gaza:

How do you know the facts do not support this report?

In 1941, over the space of just a few months, Hitler’s SS killed over a million civilians in Russia using little more than a few hundred soldiers with standard infantry weapons. It follows that had Israel focused even 10 soldiers to commit war crimes, in 21 days, with even minimal planning, at least ten thousands Palestinian civilians would be dead.

This is without resorting to cutting edge weaponry like drones, planes, tanks and artillery. You cannot have it both ways, accusing Israel of a vile war crime because she has precision weapons and then not note the absence of tremendous casualties when the very same weapons are not abused.

1200 dead from the fighting is nothing to celebrate but, if Israel’s estimates that well over 3/4 of the casualties were Hamas (they do not wear uniforms, soldiers have to guess. It is also established fact that Hamas men habitually use ambulances to transfer fighters about and their leaders hid in Shifa hospital throughout the war) one must state the obvious: Israel did everything she could to minimize casualties, if it were otherwise there would have been 45,000 dead.

Then add the fact that Hamas, like Hezbollah, has specially trained liars to fabricate false claims of war crimes against Israel, then all you need are journalists willing to swallow their horse manure without question. Let us just stipulate the obvious, the Guardian has an unlimited supply of such useful idiots.

The goal is to have the press make the accusation, the facts are never born out. How is it possible for an army so disciplined to fight a war for three weeks inflicting 1200 dead using the most powerful convention weapons in the world today and simultaneously lack all semblance of fire discipline with regard to ambulances and hospitals? Guardian readers trust the razor sharp eyes that can ALWAYS see a Jewish atrocity where none exists to keep them on a steady diet of hatred of Israel and delegitimization of of the Jewish state (will you ever apologize to Israel for calling the 2002 battle of Jenin a massacre?) .

How nice you partially blame Hamas’ outrageous conduct as the war crimes they are. You still leave out the one key fact- Hamas’ rockets precipitated the war. No rockets, no war. Then you leave out the other obvious truth: if maniacs who believed the UK had no right to exist, fired rockets from Slough into London, your reporting of the matter would be much different.

But this is the Guardian, what more can one expect?

Here is my prediction: there may be an investigation but the claims will be disproven or prove to be false.