3 Shot, 1 Killed in Orosi Home Invasion Attempt

kirkspencer5/28/2014 2:45:21 pm PDT

So, why was there a home invasion?

See, yes, it’s a great story in isolation. Mom and Dad are gone to work (in the field, said the article), and this van with at least three people pulls up front. The people in the van get out and start knocking down the door. The 22 year old tells the three younger siblings to go hide, runs and gets weapons from the gun safe, and starts shooting at the invaders. The invaders shoot back. He shoots (at least) two, dropping them, and the other(s) flee, but not before wounding the 22 year old. By the time authorities arrive (who called, and when?) the vehicle was gone but it was caught on security cameras.

But before I go full support, I want to know why the home invasion happened. There’s the chance it was random. “Hey, let’s grab our pistols and break into /that/ house.” Pardon me but that’s so rare and uncommon I doubt it. Revenge, retaliation, intimidation, kidnapping, those are the big reasons for an attack like this. What relationship do the attackers have with the family?

Good for the young man for defending his family. Why did he have to do so?