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1 kirkspencer  May 28, 2014 2:45:21pm

So, why was there a home invasion?

See, yes, it’s a great story in isolation. Mom and Dad are gone to work (in the field, said the article), and this van with at least three people pulls up front. The people in the van get out and start knocking down the door. The 22 year old tells the three younger siblings to go hide, runs and gets weapons from the gun safe, and starts shooting at the invaders. The invaders shoot back. He shoots (at least) two, dropping them, and the other(s) flee, but not before wounding the 22 year old. By the time authorities arrive (who called, and when?) the vehicle was gone but it was caught on security cameras.

But before I go full support, I want to know why the home invasion happened. There’s the chance it was random. “Hey, let’s grab our pistols and break into /that/ house.” Pardon me but that’s so rare and uncommon I doubt it. Revenge, retaliation, intimidation, kidnapping, those are the big reasons for an attack like this. What relationship do the attackers have with the family?

Good for the young man for defending his family. Why did he have to do so?

2 Rightwingconspirator  May 28, 2014 3:42:03pm

re: #1 kirkspencer

Very fresh incident, and trial will be months away. Home invasions just for money and valuables are common.

What motivated the home invaders? No data available. So what if there was a love triangle, or a long standing argument or dispute. But short of this being some gang vs gang thing, there is no justification to break into someones house, let alone with gun, let alone trying to gunfight your way in.

As much as I’d like to say self defense is some exercise in perfect justification and actions reality bites. It sucks big time to have to resort to violence. A lot could have gone worse here. Just glad it did not, I truly wish the invaders had fled at first sign of occupancy, and this never having happened. Multiple people shot is a terrible thing.

So one question-Pending some data to that effect-Why would anyone want to presume the worst about the guy defending a home? What motivates that? Why would a guy like that not enjoy a normal presumption of good intent?

3 Dark_Falcon  May 28, 2014 5:38:58pm

re: #2 Rightwingconspirator

So one question-Pending some data to that effect-Why would anyone want to presume the worst about the guy defending a home? What motivates that? Why would a guy like that not enjoy a normal presumption of good intent?

Simple: People presume the worst about someone acting in self defense for one of two reasons:

1. That person just plain doesn’t like private ownership of guns and armed self-defense. Some people simply see both of those things as bad and outdated.

2. The person spends too much time in a ‘left news bubble’ and does not really know where to go for reliable information on self-defense cases. This is much more likely of the two options and is mostly brought about because of a lack of sources that do not cater to one side of the issue exclusively.

4 kirkspencer  May 29, 2014 2:31:32am

Yaknow, it’d be nice if you actually read what I wrote. I didn’t blame the defenders. In fact I specifically praised the young man who did the defense.

But I do wonder why the attack.

What I said, what I meant, is that every time I’ve unpacked a multiple person armed invasion there’s been a reason. It has NOT been a simple robbery.

This was a daylight attack that started not with poking in a window but bashing in the front door. It had at least three and maybe more armed attackers, apparently with weapons ready.

So I want to know the reason for the attack. If you read what i wrote you can see I gave good guy and bad guy examples. The father or mother is wealthy or in power positions? and they were going for kidnapping? Least likely but possible. Revenge because they stood up to the local gangs in some way? or because they’re family/friends of police or law enforcement?

There are bad guy reasons as well. Rival gangs, revenge for attacks made elsewhere, friends and family… you get the idea.

Kinda tired of the knee-jerk insults of people who want all the information instead of just worshiping - or attacking - either side of the issue.

5 Rightwingconspirator  May 29, 2014 6:31:23am

re: #4 kirkspencer

I did read and responded to the skepticism you expressed. Withholding full support, story in isolation…

No insults given, maybe that’s aimed at Dark. Maybe most of it. I just don’t see why the motivations of the invaders matter much. If it’s a gang thing, well we know they are predatory.

My promise to keep watching for information on this is sincere. Time will be our friend on this. I admit to being sensitive to skepticism about the victim. I find it misplaced all too often. I think victims should get the benefit of the doubt in most crimes and incidents.

6 KiTA  May 29, 2014 7:29:40am

Shorter NRA / Fox News:

Clearly, this single incident justifies a systemic paranoia that they specifically exploit and market to, and thus you should all be terrified at all times and buy more guns.

7 Rightwingconspirator  May 29, 2014 8:06:57am

re: #6 KiTA

Guns never help, they only make things worse.

Alternatively we dismiss that crap out of hand.

I’m voting for the alternative. Ratings and click bait just don’t help anyone understand anything.

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