Enraged Drivers Shoot, Kill Each Other (Both were CCW Permit Holders)

kirkspencer9/19/2013 11:32:55 am PDT

re: #8 RealityBasedSteve

I do think that having turret mounted “Ma Deuces” on the roof would make us all much more polite and considerate drivers. Maybe scale it down by an order of magnitude or so and go with with paintball guns (with a not-staining paint). That way if you see a car with lots of splotches, you know he’s a jerk driver.


snerk. No, seriously, you forgot the sarc tags.

Paintball guns legal on cars? You’d see paint everywhere. Mr. Road rage unhappy because he’s late and the person ahead is only going the speed limit? Ms. Bigot seeing one of /them/ driving? Bored teen driver? And that doesn’t even bring into the question the danger. High speed high momentum machinery being manually controlled and you want to allow people to blind the drivers. (What, you think the windshield will remain free of paint?)

The “armed society is a polite society” theory only works if people are angels. Since it’s not you get Somalia and the Tribal zone of Afghanistan.