Rand Paul's Comment About Parents 'Owning' Children Was Not Random

b.d. (We're on our own, Vote!)2/03/2015 12:09:22 pm PST

If Rubio and Jindal think that going after the sane republican primary voters will secure them the nomination they have another thing coming.



“Absolutely, all children in America should be vaccinated,” the Florida Republicans told reporters Tuesday. “Unless their immune (system is) suppressed, obviously, for medical exceptions, but I believe that all children, as is the law in most states in this country, before they can even attend school, have to be vaccinated for a certain panel.”

Rubio also came out against those who say vaccines are connected to autism, saying,”There is absolutely no medical science or data what so ever that links those vaccinations to onset of autism or anything of that nature.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also released a statement, saying there is “a lot of fear mongering” over the issue.

“Personally, I would not send my kids to a school that did not require vaccinations. Vaccinations are important. I urge every parent to get them. Every one,” Jindal said.