Obama's Ratings Dropping

A Kiwi Infidel2/08/2009 3:06:57 pm PST

OT again, sorry, but this could a “heads up” warning.

I dragged this out of a 2003 WND report, sorry, but the comments within is noteworthy;

In August, Australian authorities launched an investigation into reports al-Qaida planned to spark brushfires in a new wave of devastating terror attacks.

A June 25 FBI memo to United States law enforcement agencies revealed a senior al-Qaida detainee claimed to have developed a plan to start midsummer forest fires in the U.S.

The terrorist hoped to mimic the destruction that devastated Canberra last summer, killing four people and destroying more than 500 homes, as well as in other parts of Australia.


“Australian security authorities are aware of reports that al-Qaida has considered starting brushfires in the U.S. as a form of terrorist attack,” said a spokeswoman Australian Attorney General Daryl Williams. “Arson attacks are just one of a wide range of scenarios which have been considered as part of our investigations into al-Qaida’s ability to conduct attacks in Australia.”

In the latest news from Aus, there is evidence to suggest that some of these fires are being deliberately lit and, even, re-lit after fire authorities have put them out.

Victoria Police Deputy Chief Commissioner Kieran Walshe said it was believed some fires in his state had been deliberately lit, but would not say which ones.

“We have our suspicions in some instances but really we do need to get to the position where we can get our investigators and our forensic scientists into the fire scenes to do a full, thorough investigation, see what evidence can be uncovered which will confirm or deny for us how these fires have originated,” he told the Seven Network.

One of Mr Walshe’s colleagues earlier on Sunday said arsonists could be charged with murder or manslaughter depending on available evidence.

“These people are terrorists within our nation, they are the enemy within and we have to be increasingly vigilant about them when you consider that 20 percent of the fires in South Australia so far this summer have been deliberately lit,” Mr Rann told reporters in Adelaide.

We will see.