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Bagua11/01/2009 4:23:12 pm PST

re: #112 brookly red


This is the process by which the EU has steadily grown from a simple economic trade agreement into a central government that is eroding the national sovereignty of its “member nations”.

Each major treaty causes problems that were obviously inevitable. This provides the EU with the opportunity to propose more regulation and more oversight to “fix” the problem which they created. As there is a problem and the “fix” sounds reasonable and minor, there is no real protest.

It’s like a death by a thousand paper cuts, too boring, dull and wonkish to get worked up by the fine details of the massive treaties that are essentially unreadable. Every so often a “crisis” comes up needing a “fix”. Of course the answer is always to “reform” the existing system with more regulations, more control.

Those proposing these flawed policies always push and rush their programs through and care not that they are flawed. The point is to get them going, get the bureaucracy in place and then use the resulting beneficial crises to propose “correcting” and “reforming” the program, making it work better.