Dr. Ben Carson Thinks the Earth Was Created 6000 Years Ago

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus3/31/2013 11:32:22 pm PDT

And speaking of lulls, I sense that the universe of blogging continues to senesce, ever so slowly, but definitely.

Not only are there more sites than can ever get a descent audience, but our current not-quite-a-recession-but-not-quite-a-boom-time economy feels almost like… a zombie.

The walking dead of capitalism.

Our society’s interests are divided into very fine grained markets and niches.

That the latest Dr. Who episode has a joke about Twitter upon which they then “hang a lantern” … makes me wonder if bubbling up from our collective unconscious a rebellion against the technocopia in which we are now enmeshed is now knocking at our door… are we about to enter a new era of nostalgia, pining for the past of a simpler, slower life?