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“It was when Trump ran that the whole world started to change,” McHugh said. “And Breitbart developed a rather different culture. … There was a noticeable change. And the thing is, I think Breitbart — and let me preface this by saying I take responsibility for all my actions. Everything I said that was terrible was my fault. However, I think that people’s flaws were encouraged. I think Milo’s fame should not have been encouraged — it was very bad for him. And my vindictiveness and my capacity for cruelty were encouraged.”

Interesting article on Katie McHugh, supposedly reformed alt-righter.

Holy cow…that picture is…something. Like a jigsaw human being.

Where was McHugh radicalized? Her story is about support systems and pipelines. It’s about how an angry young conservative with reactionary views got herself involved with a small coterie of ideologues in Washington and prepped for a conservative media career in the crucial years before the rise of Donald Trump, as extremism became more popular on the right and as people could optimize themselves for success through attention on social media. It’s about how the organizations she worked for either turned a blind eye to or were genuinely ignorant of the fact that one of their young stars was leading a double life among hardcore racist activists. And it’s about how the cultlike atmosphere of the so-called alt-right helped people make more and more harmful decisions.

Not with that face, toots. First, you’re not blonde and you’re nowhere near pretty enough to be have a conservative media career. You’re a tad too chubby for the short skirted, crossed leg to maximize thigh visibility, giving old, lecherous white dudes their cherished woody-while-imbibing-fake-news.

Not a chance I will ever feel for you, either. Maybe you can panhandle for the drugs your cohorts plan on taking away from you.

Womp. Fucking. Womp.