Imam Rauf on CNN

TedStriker9/08/2010 7:45:37 pm PDT

re: #139 tradewind

She doesn’t think that there are ’ bodies buried under the building ‘. She is referring to the idea, not an unreasonable one, that there continue to be bits and fragments of human remains found around the area.
The thing is, the bodies were pulverized, so pinning down a zone of where they could not be found isn’t really feasible, and it would spread far beyond this particular site.

And exactly what difference does this make? Are you saying that, with the all of the pulverized human remains that were scattered to the four winds on 9/11, Imam Rauf not be allowed to build 2 blocks away from Ground Zero? By that measure, all construction in lower Manhattan should cease, even the rebuild of the WTC.

It makes absolutely no sense…