Seth Meyers: Don Jr. Subpoenaed as Trump Lies About Mueller Report [VIDEO]

HappyWarrior5/10/2019 6:53:48 am PDT

re: #155 Belafon

He’s got a few things going against him this time:
1. He can no longer be the “not Hillary” candidate. Everyone’s a not-Hillary candidate.
2. I think some of his lack of appeal is because he couldn’t influence his “supporters” in 2016.
3. 2020 isn’t 2016. We’re not coming off of a popular Democratic president. We have Trump.
4. The nominees he’s running aginst now offer way more than a binary choice. All of his strength (white male) are covered by other candidates, and lot’s of people have a candidate that is concerned about their issues, meaning they are more likely to participate than before.

Yes. And honestly I really do think we underestimate that the Dem base is more moderate than online. But he’s also got a lot of shortcomings that aren’t ideological at all but are on him as a leader of people.