Sell Your Guitar: Luca Stricagnoli Does Eminem: "Without Me"

Citizen K2/09/2020 10:18:46 am PST

re: #154 BeachDem

The creepiest/scariest/most insane thing you’ll read today (although it’s still early)

Laura Loomer, Trumpy Bigot Embraced by the Florida GOP, Could Actually Get to Congress

(and it doesn’t even mention the handcuffing herself at Twitter…or the tragic tale of her tire!)

re: #156 Hecuba’s daughter

Florida elected a criminal as governor and then elected him to the Senate. If you are a white man AND a Republican AND wealthy, you can do anything.

Florida is quickly becoming a lost cause, even with all the potential votes down there, just because the GOP has a massive stranglehold on the state-level. And judging by the laws they’re managing to pass, that may not change for a generation./