Richie Kotzen: "Raise the Cain"

Belafon9/27/2020 9:18:35 am PDT

re: #165 BigPapa

This hand wringing and sanctimony over George Conway is asinine. I don’t know who’s more insufferable: those who are saying ‘we should have never trusted him’ or those expressing high dudgeon saying ‘see I told you so.’

Conway was nothing other than what he still is: a conservative, against Trump. He conned liberals into retweeting his sick burns and Trump criticism. That’s all.

“I told you we never should have fought with Stalin to defeat Hitler.”

Do a lot of liberals not work with conservatives. Because I do, and while we’re good at working together to get our work done, and we’d help each other of something bad happened, like a house burnt down, we are not going to be close friends.