Incredible: An All-Acoustic Version of Snarky Puppy's "Lingus" Performed by Kids (The Caspian Quartet)

Targetpractice12/01/2018 1:07:53 am PST

re: #169 wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam

Exactly. His base admire him because they think he’s rich and a self-made man, but the reality is he is neither. He’s in debt to his eyeballs, and he’s squandered whatever millions his daddy gave him over the years on cockamamie building projects and labeled consumer goods that all failed. If Mueller manages to seize any one of the over-leveraged Trump properties, the entire house of cards will come falling down.

Rather think that scares him more than the jail time, that his “empire” will come crumbling down and leave him stripped of even the illusion of “success.” In fact, I consider that one of the nicer scenarios to imagine: His sons in jail, his daughter unable to trade on her family’s name or rely upon her own husband’s real estate holdings, and him spending his remaining days trying to stay one step ahead of the bill collectors.