Another Gorgeous Song From Jacob Collier's New Project: "Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep" (Feat. Laura Mvula)

Decatur Deb12/02/2018 5:48:51 am PST

re: #173 freetoken

I’ve made this claim before and will repeat it here: I will not be surprised if about one out of four men, especially men of influence or power, have tried to use their position to improperly coerce a female colleague/employee into an unwanted relationship.

On the one hand, being male, I can understand the confusing dynamics we males have been taught, in regards to approaching someone else. There is conflicting images impressed upon young men - have to be aggressive, have to be sensitive.

Mostly though I think these things are all about power and only minorly about gender.

Got my dating tips from monks and nuns—worked surprisingly well.