New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)5/02/2019 7:18:10 am PDT

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I’ve been to Paris before but the rest will be new to me. Hubs hasn’t been to France at all, so this will be whirlwind for him. He’s fluent in French, too…a bonus.

I always wanted to go to NO. Not during Mardi Gras but some time when it’s not nuts (if that is ever possible). Enjoy your trip. And give us a report. I would love to hear it!!

Hopefully your husband will be less shy with his French than my brother was with his German when we were in Germany. But yeah I’ve always thought NO sounded fascinating. So much unique history, music, food, and I’ve really never explored the parts of the country that used to be French colonies that much.