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LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)11/23/2020 8:33:29 am PST

re: #198 dangerman

with all the talk above regarding OAN, Fox, newsmax, etc and ‘propaganda’, well it clearly works.

Reuters interviewed 50 people Why Republican voters say there’s ‘no way in hell’ Trump lost

- All of them said the election was rigged or otherwise illegitimate.
- 20 said if there was proof the election was honest, they might consider accepting Biden as the president.
- they said millions of Trump votes were switched by computers, poll workers, or hackers
- some are boycotting Fox because it called the election for Biden
they said:
- Biden’s vote total makes no sense because Biden didn’t campaign and seems to be in mental decline.
- “There’s millions and millions of Trump votes that were just thrown out. That computer was throwing them out.”
- “I like that I get to hear from Rudy Giuliani and others who are not immediately discounted as being crazy.”
- “There’s no way in hell Biden won fairly.” this person would only believe it if Trump himself says so.

and the capper: they asked if Trump might just be scamming his followers. One said: “If I’m being manipulated by Trump…then he is the greatest con man that ever lived in America.”

They live in an alternate reality of their own making.