Jason Isbell With Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "White Man's World"

HappyWarrior1/28/2019 7:32:38 am PST

re: #195 Old Liberal

I think it is impossible for a Christian to understand what it is like to be an atheist in a religious area. It is not benign. The best Christians are often condescending and judgmental. Jesus commanded to make converts. Christians follow this directive. I never told anyone I was an atheist that’s how threatened I felt. I can understand the “all Christians” thing because I have experienced it.

I get that and I’m Agnostic myself but Christianity like Islam is a big group and there have been comments made about Christians that one would raise a stink eye if they were made about Muslims or a religious minority of any kind. i don’t think Bill or any liberal Christian should have to constantly apologize for the worst elements of their religion just like I don’t feel Muslims should have to for Isis or Al Queda. And I don’t feel as a nonbeliever that I have to justify my lack of belief because historical monsters like Stalin and Mao shared it.