Why the GOP establishment loves Chris Christie, in 1 paragraph

ObserverArt11/09/2013 7:54:55 am PST

I just want to say I added a couple of down dings to Dark in this page but I want to make it very clear it has nothing to do with him being a Republican.

Humanity should never trump politics. Civility and respect should always win the day when dealing with others no matter what your political stance.

Christie fails at the above routinely. He is not presidential material. And if he is the best the Republicans can turn out they really do have major problems.

Look at the anger in Christie’s face as he “you peoples” that teacher. That is not what I want in a leader, whether the teacher is a union member or not. I do not understand how anyone could excuse that and then call it part of what he needs to do to win over his party.

What is the difference in that behavior and the flak in NFL Football about telling a bully to go toughen up a teammate? The only answer should be nothing.

I keep asking myself, what is at the heart of that party if they keep doing what they do? I fear the answer to that question is not good for this country and that is why they dance and fake their way around playing political games. This is not a game and that is also at the heart of why I added the negative ratings to Dark’s comments.