Video: Christine O'Donnell's Idiotic Statement on the Establishment Clause

TedStriker10/19/2010 10:48:58 am PDT

re: #11 Obdicut

She’s not just taken seriously as a candidate, she has the backing of the national GOP. Rove was made to kowtow and apologize for having doubted her.

To those who say that people like O’Donnell represent just the fringe crazies: They’re being backed by the national GOP. Nobody is allowed to say a bad word about any of these lunatics in the GOP.

So who’s really running the GOP?

At best, a bunch of spineless wimps unable to stand up to the kooks in their midst…at worst, a bunch of complicit weasels that will do anything and back anyone that even has a chance to get the GOP back in to power.

Bad juju either way…