Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign (Full Speech)

Chrysicat4/08/2020 1:13:06 pm PDT

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Oh, Lord, I must be sleepy or something, I’m missing the full impact of my own statements. That also makes Hillary’s defeat back into a fully-bad thing because any President other than Trump—even Pence or Cruz, but especially a Dem— would be paying attention to the Daily Briefing, and thus be aware two and a half months before Beijing is willing to admit it that the coronavirus in question has evolved human-to-human transmission.

And that means the pandemic may have been able to be headed off (though at a cost to US-China relations that would make them as frosty as US-Russia relations would already have been under Hillary), and in turn that would mean that I can no longer comfort myself telling her she’d have been doomed to a single term, which also means a possibility her successor wouldn’t have been the final President elected by the Fifty States.

How is it that every last bit of news makes this timeline worse than it had been?