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Jay C12/01/2018 7:22:13 am PST

re: #219 makeitstop

There’s this…

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Odds are even that he just cancels it, or decides to bull through it and alienates whatever allies we’ve got left. It would almost be the smarter choice to bail on the presser altogether, but his need to ‘punch back’ (at something) means he’ll probably end up ranting about nothing for 45 minutes and then leaving without answering any questions.

I dunno: if the G20 is winding down, and The Anus is heading home, I think his minders staff are probably going to try to have him go out on some sort of positive note: I know if I were a WH staffer constructing Trump’s schedule, I’d simply have the “presser” be a simple address (no/few/carefully-vetted questions), and hit a few simple, non-confrontational notes:

* Perfunctory thanks to Argentina for hosting
* A paragraph of boilerplate about “international cooperation” or whatever.
* Laud the US/Canda/Mexico trade deal
* Laud the late GHWB and use the opportunity to order flags at half-staff, etc.
* Some closing boilerplate, then “see you back home”, and off to the plane (and waiting bucket of KFC).

But of course, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, so Dog knows what sort of embarrassing fiasco will ensue….