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zuckerlilly9/09/2009 12:52:59 pm PDT

re: #226 Earth56

To me its amazing that those refugee camps are there considering that Jordan is 90% Palestinian. Another case of people used as cannon fodder.

The scariest part of your observation is that Jordan is becoming more “Islamic”. Not good for King Hussein, Israel or the MEl.

Not Jordan is becoming more “Islamic” only the camps. The Bedouins hate the Palestinians and they will tell this to every one without being asked. But they hate the Gipsy’s too (Sinti and Roma) and the Shiites from Iraq who have build a huge mosque near Petra.

Amman tries to copy Tel Aviv as a “white city” and they are obsessed with “green” (with plants). The whole country tries to become “green”. Only the camps are Grey and ugly.