Trump Team Prepares to Purge Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change

CuriousLurker12/09/2016 3:02:29 pm PST

re: #209 wrenchwench

LA Times can go to hell for giving that man a forum.

The other part that pissed me off was this:

Islamic State and Al Qaeda are terrorist groups built on Wahhabi ideology. They want to govern the world under sharia law, and they are more than willing to achieve their goals through force. Islamic State is known for beheading its victims or burning them alive. And as we saw in Columbus, they’re inspiring legions of supporters.

Legions? Really? Then why aren’t we seeing attacks every-fricking-day, FFS? There are at least a couple of million Muslims in the U.S. “Legions” clearly doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. Effing scare-mongers.

Da’esh is hiding under your bed—be very afraid!