Andy Timmons Shows How It's Done: "On Your Way Sweet Soul"

Barefoot Grin2/03/2019 10:23:53 am PST

re: #244 BlueGrl21

That’s my 16 year-old son. 13 year old likes Kendrick Lamar and Drake and Travis Scott. I don’t like any of it and Mom plays her music in her car. They get 80s New Wave or punk. I won’t play Ministry and Skinny Puppy and NIN and my other industrial bands with them in the car. Probably dumb but I won’t do it.

That’s the 17yo. He likes Kendrick Lamar and other hip hop artists I don’t know. He’s also found a couple of Chinese rappers he likes even though he doesn’t understand (he likes the way the language sounds). Wife and I have gotten boring: lots of Jason Isbell, Kathleen Edwards, Talking Heads—every once in awhile I’ll pop some American Music Club in.